What is the Complimentary Home Maintenance Program?

The Complimentary Home Maintenance Program gives Our co-owners access to professional home maintenance on a regular basis, paid for by Hany Adam Homes. 

Hany Adam Homes has partnered with a third-party, Canadian, home maintenance company to provide semi-annual property visits. These visits help co-owners stay ahead of any maintenance or repairs the home may need.

Our co-owners are not required to use this program, it is entirely optional. 

Why is this term important?

The Complimentary Home Maintenance Program is important as it helps protect both the co-owners and Our investment in the property. 

We invest in, and own, a share of the home, but do not expect to ever step foot on the property. Instead, we place our trust in co-owners to take care of the home. We created the Complimentary Home Maintenance Program to empower co-owners with resources to help them preserve and maximize the potential return for all parties

Here is an example:

Let’s say Our co-owner opts into the Complimentary Home Maintenance Program. After one of their semi-annual visits, paid for by Hany Adam Homes, the home maintenance company will send the co-owner a report noting any maintenance needs and their level of urgency. 

In this example, the home maintenance company notices a small leak in the roof and recommends the co-owner fix it as soon as possible to limit any further damage to the home. The co-owner will then have the option to hire the home maintenance company to make the repair or hire a separate service provider. If a co-owner can not afford to repair the leak, they may choose to make a withdrawal from the Homeowner Advance Fund. Of course, the co-owner may also choose not to repair the leak, however, they would be responsible for any loss to the home’s value as a result. 

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