What are co-investments?

A co-investment is the name given to both the homebuyer’s and Hany Adam Homes’s down payment contributions towards, or investments in, the home

Why is this term important?

Co-investments are important as this joint investment in the property is what forms the partnership between Hany Adam Homes and homebuyers. Since Our down payment contribution is an investment and not debt, we risk losing our investment if the home sells for less than we purchased it, just like the homeowner would.

Here is an example:

Let’s say we co-buy a $1,000,000 home. In this example, to meet the 20% down payment requirement, our combined co-investment must be for $200,000. Your mortgage would then make up the remaining $800,000 (80% of the home’s value). If you invest $80,000 (8% of the home value) and We invest $120,000 (12%), together we’ll have a co-investment of $200,000 (20%).

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