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HanyAdamHomes Provide Four Different Loans Programs. Our Programs Help People Who Are Willing To Purchase Their Home Faster By Co-Investing Up to $200,000 Toward Their Down Payment. We Also Help Invest In Flip Houses and Renovation Loans, Closing New construction houses and Condos, and Also Help Current Homeowners With Equity Home Loans 

Because Our Programs Are Not Actual Loans But In Fact “Co-Investment Loans” So We Don’t Charge INTEREST OR MONTHLY PAYMENT” But We Share Profits

We Can Assist You In Making A 20% Down Payment And buying property Faster, We Co-Invest Up To $200,000 Into Your Down Payment. WE DON’T CHARGE INTEREST OR MONTHLY PAYMENT.

 We Can Help You Close Your Property and avoid Losing Money And Face Litigation And Court Expenses. NO INTEREST OR MONTHLY PAYMENT.

If You Have A House And Need Money To Help You Pay Debts, Purchase A Second House Or A Car, Or Pay Student Tuition. Our Home Equity Loan Is A Financing Option You Can Use With NO INTEREST AND NO MONTHLY PAYMENT

Flipping Is The practice of Purchasing A Home (Typically In Poor Condition), Making Necessary Repairs And Upgrades, And Then Selling The Updated House Fast For Profit.

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