By partnering with us as your co-investor, we acquire a stake in the prospective worth of your home. As you settle into your new residence, we provide comprehensive programs and services to safeguard and enhance its value. Consequently, when the time comes to sell, we can mutually partake in the profits.

When it comes to the daunting process of buying and owning a home, fear no more because Backup is here.​

1. Explore how we can significantly contribute to your home-buying experience.

To begin, simply submit your application. If it appears to be a suitable match, we will invite you to a call where we can delve further into our product. Upon receiving your mortgage pre-approval from one of our endorsed lenders, facilitated by a licensed mortgage broker, you will have the opportunity to secure our highest down payment contribution. This contribution can range from 5% to 15% of the purchase price, with a maximum limit of $250,000.

2. Find your new home

We will match you with a dedicated real estate agent from our network of trusted partners who possess specialized training to assist you throughout the home-buying process.

3. Determine your ownership share based on various factors and calculations

When engaging in a co-buying arrangement for a home, the percentage of the down payment contributed by each party directly corresponds to the equity percentage held in the property. This equity distribution determines how the appreciation of the home will be shared upon its sale.

Enjoy the pleasure of hosting a barbecue in the comfort of your own yard, without the obligation of extending an invitation to us.

1- We’re here to support you

Consider us as your silent partner in co-buying. While you may not frequently hear from us, we are always available to provide support whenever you require it.

Being a part of our community grants you access to beneficial programs such as our Homeowner Advance Fund, which offers financial assistance during challenging times. Additionally, we are pleased to connect you with reliable third-party services for maintenance, renovations, and financing needs.

2- Maintain the home like a traditional homeowner

As a beneficiary of the home’s advantages, it is your duty to ensure its proper upkeep and fulfill the associated expenses. As co-owners, we share a common interest in preserving the home’s value and safeguarding our investments. While the responsibility of home maintenance falls on you, we provide a complimentary home maintenance service to assist you in proactively addressing any issues and ensuring that everything functions smoothly.

3-Make the space your own

Make minor changes to your home entirely at your own discretion. Major updates may even qualify for a renovation credit.This means, if the renovation increases the home’s value, we’ll pay you back for some, or all, of the costs incurred when the home is sold.

Upgrade or downsize. We’ll help you make the next move.

1- Own with us for up to 30 years

We can co-own the home together for up to 30 years. Of course, you are free to sell the home or make an offer to buy our share, at any time.

2- Your mortgage payments are protected

When the home is sold, your mortgage principal payments will be taken from the sale proceeds and set aside for you first before we split the remainder. This means the money you’ve paid toward your mortgage is protected, even if the home doesn’t increase in value.

3-Receive your fair share when you sell

After any final adjustments, we’ll divide the remaining proceeds according to our ownership shares in the home. You’ll walk away with your mortgage payments plus the appreciated value of your original down payment. we will receive the appreciated value of our down payment contribution. Don’t worry, if the home hasn’t increased, or has decreased, in value we will accept the loss on our investment and you won’t owe us anything.

4-We’re your partner through the entire journey

We’ll provide you access to the best agents, resources, and services for the sale process just like we did when we helped you buy.

The equity you earned through the sale of your home can now help you with the purchase of your next property. We might even be able to co-buy that with you too!

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