Home Ownership Loan For Down Payment

How It Works

A New Way To Purchase And Own A Home
 Is Through Pyramine.


We Buy A Portion Of The Future Worth Of Your House As Your Co-Investor.

As Soon As You Move In, We Provide Programmes And Services To Assist
Maintain And Raise The Value Of Your Property So That When You Sell It, We Can Both Profit.

    • Check to see what Pyramine can Contribute

Submitting Your Application Is The First Step. We’ll Invite You To A Call To Learn More About Our Product If It Looks Like A Good Fit.
You Will Be Able To Lock In Pyramine’s Maximum Down Payment Contribution Once You Secure Your Mortgage Pre-Approval
From One Of Our Preferred Lenders, Via A Third-Party Licenced Mortgage Broker.
The Maximum Contribution From Pyramine Is $200,000, Or 5% To 15% Of The Acquisition Price.

    • Find Your New Home 

We’ll Link You Up With One Of Our Real Estate agents in Our Team Who Has Received Specialised Training To Walk You Through The Home-Buying Process.
You Will Get Access To A Property Search Engine Created Just For Pyramine, Which Will Help You Assess And Sort Listings And Show You Houses We Think Will Suit Your Interests And Appreciate In Value Over Time. We Will Also Provide You With Access To Bank-Owned, Desperate Sale And Properties That You Can’t Find On The Internet.

    • Estimate Our Ownership Share.

When We Jointly Purchase A Home, The Amount Of The Down Payment That We Both Make Equals The Amount Of Equity We Hold In The Property. The Way The Home’s Appreciation Is Distributed When It Is Sold Depends On This.

Therefore, If You Put Down 25% And Pyramine Puts Down 75%, You Would Own 25% Of The Home’s Available Equity.

We Are Not Giving You A Loan With The Money We Put Into Your House; Instead, We Are Purchasing A Portion Of Its Potential Future Value. Due To This, Neither Interest Nor Monthly Payments Are Required.



    • We Are Here To Help You.

Consider Us Your Hidden Co-Buying Partner. You Won’t Hear From Us Very Often, But We’ll Always Be There For You If You Need Us.

As A Member Of the Pyramine Family, You Have Access To Financial Assistance Programmes Like Our Homeowner Advance Fund, And We’re Pleased To Put You In Touch With Reputable Outside Sources For Repairs, Remodelling, And Financing.

    • Keep Up And Maintain The House Like A Typical Homeowner Would.

Since You Enjoy All The Advantages Of Owning A Property, It Is Your Duty To Maintain It Well And Cover Any Related Expenses.

We Both Wish To Preserve The Home’s Worth And Protect Our Assets As Co-Owners. Although You Are Responsible For The House’s Maintenance, We Provide A “FREE HOME MAINTENANCE SERVICE” To Help You Stay On Top Of Issues And Ensure That Everything Is Working As It Should

    • Utilize The Place As Your Own..

Make Any Slight Modifications To Your House Solely At Your Discretion. Even A Remodelling Credit May Be Available For Significant Renovations.

This Implies That If The Renovation Raises The Value Of The House, We’ll Reimburse You For Any Or All Of Your Expenses When The House Is Sold Or Refinanced.

Upsize Or Downsize. We’ll Support You Every Step Of The Way.

    • Own Your House For Up To 10 Years With Pyramine

The House Can Be Our Common Property For A Maximum Of 10 Years. Of Course, You Are Always Free To Sell The House, Refinance The Mortgage Anytime Or Submit An Offer For Our Share.

You May Do So By Simply Paying Fair Market Value For Our Portion Of The Property If You Wish To Stay In The House During Or After The Initial Ten-Year Period.

    • Your Home Loan Payments Are Preserved

Your Mortgage Principal Payments Will Be Deducted From The Sale Or Refinance Earnings When The House Is Sold Or Refinance And Set Aside For You Before We Divide The Remaining Funds.

This Implies That Even If The Home’s Value Doesn’t Rise, The Money You’ve Put Toward The Mortgage Is Still Safe.

    • Receive Your Fair Share When You Sell.

Following Any Necessary Corrections, We’ll Allocate The Remaining Funds In Accordance With Our Ownership Stakes In The House. You Will Leave With Your Mortgage Payments In Addition To The Increased Value Of Your Initial Down Payment.

The Value Of Our Initial Down Payment Contribution Will Be Transferred To Pyramine. Don’t Worry; We Will Accept The Loss of our Investment If The Value Of The Home Hasn’t Improved Or Has Declined, And You Won’t Be Required To Pay Us Anything.

    • You Don’t Need To Worry Because All The Way, We’ll Be Your Faithful Partner.

Just As We Did When We Assisted You With Your Purchase, We Will Give You Access To The Greatest Agents, Tools, And Services For The Sale Process.

You Can Now Acquire Your Next House With The Equity You Gained From The Sale Or Refinance Of Your Previous Home. Perhaps We Can Even Co-Purchase That With You As Well!


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