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Townhomes by the Credit River

Timeless homes with an enveloping vibrant quality, Artisan is wellness by design. The ‘architecture of well-being is at the centre of every home, from the initial concepts to every distinctive architectural style. Expertly curated with a richness in detail, evoking a sense of prosperity through its natural surroundings, you are invited to cultivate a home that is implicitly for you. A style all your own with an artisan-driven approach to design.



Defined by its fresh industrial aesthetic, this contemporary style is rich in character. Its rustic brick exterior with premier smooth stone is complemented by dark windows and metal trim. This strong geometric form is brimming with a sleek and innovative feel, emulating a modern sense of style through its leading-edge interventions and a curated palette


Modern design is multi-faceted and innovative by nature. For Artisan, this interpretation utilizes clean and strong asymmetrical lines with a combination of brick, metal and glass in its exterior. Stylish and intriguingly structured, its expansive windows invite the splendours of the Credit River and outdoors inwards, inspiring a sense of admiration of the natural beauty surrounding the community


In essence, French Provincial is an elegant balance of rural sophistication and European sensibility, an intricate link to the past in today’s present. From its mixture of premier smooth stone and stucco, beautiful ornate details to its black exterior trim and dark entry doors, this design is seamlessly connected to the contemporary styles of the community while evoking its own distinctive brilliance. A warm, natural and welcoming aesthetic that is beautifully expressed.

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From every thoughtfully designed feature to the artisanal finishings in your home, Artisan nourishes the wellness of living—your home, your environment, your quality of life.

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